Ending Phony Education

(written by UCAN member, Edward)

In a close victory, UCAN successfully collected over 200 post cards protesting the Illinois Coal Curriculum. The competition sponsored by the IL Student Environmental Coalition to drive in as many post cards as possible before Christmas featured several universities and colleges from around the state. The post cards will all be compiled and sent to Governor Pat Quinn in response to a free curriculum provided by the Dept of Commerce and Economic Opportunity singing the praises of coal and coal products without mentioning any of the negative aspects.

Even with the competition over, the collection of post cards continues with a count from all participating schools well over 500. The Coal Curriculum campaign will be an on-going one as the next stage will be introducing legislation that will end the curriculum for good with the post card petitions being the first step. For now UChicago and UCAN can celebrate its swift call to action with anhe first step. For now UChicago can celebrate its swift call to action with an I-go membership.

UCAN road trip anyone?