UCAN Attends "Occupy the Dream" on MLK Weekend

(written by UCAN member, Ross)

To celebrate MLK Day, UCAN, teamed up with Southside Solidarity Network and Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation for a day of action at the People’s Church on Lawrence and Sheridan. A number of UCAN members attended, and were rewarded with an extremely positive, unique experience. Grassroots organizations from across Chicagoland–including ones from northwestern Indian, northern Chicago, the southside and a number of universities in the area–gathered to discuss how we can change the city and the country for the better, accompanied by politicians and a number of other community and religious leaders. The event, titled “Occupy the Dream” to both honor MLK and cite the goals of the Occupy movement, featured some wonderfully uplifting music, impassioned speeches and, most importantly a number of state and city representatives agreeing to support our platform in their respective legislative chambers. Some of the major issues raised included bank accountability and the need for better infrastructure in and around Chicago, with relevant follow-up actions planned for the rest of the month. UCAN left the action energized, motivated and ready to create some change!


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  1. Way to go Chicago. And way to go UCAN! I'm so impressed with the number of blog posts you have gotten up in the past three weeks. :)-Sandy

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