UCAN Attends Retreat with CYCC (Chicago Youth Climate Coalition), Day 2

(written by UCAN member Alana)

Imagine waking up to the smell of eggs and oatmeal, the jostling of friendly feet and the occasional shriek as someone accidently steps in dog poop and you will know exactly how it felt to begin the second day of the CYCC retreat. After eating this delicious meal and scrubbing of the floors, we began a busy day. We learned how to work with the media and on social media sites. We learned what CYCC had worked on so far and where we are going. Thanks to the Sierra Club, we learned how to run a good meeting and how to tell a personal narrative. (A special shout out to Xoana Ahmeti who shared her narrative with such force and emotion she had us all in tears.) We learned how to make booklets out of large sheets of paper, a task much harder than it sounds. We learned how to participate in Non-Violent Direct Action a.k.a. how to not get ourselves arrested or at least how to get ourselves put in jail in style. We finished the day with some more wonderful food and pledges of how to get involved in the future. To end it all, the remaining 6 UCAN members piled into Ross’s car for a quick, crowded and hilarious ride home, feeling completely exhausted and incredibly motivated!