Awkward moments at my internship

Hey everybody,

First, hope you’re having a good summer! Only 2 months left until we’re back at school to convince the new firsties that we’re awesome and they should join UCAN.

Second, there were two quite awkward moments at my job today. I’m interning at a solar company that does utility sized solar projects around the world. Turns out they’re actually not “the good guys” like I thought (that’s a whole other conversation though). But today I was sitting in on a meeting about a project that’s in Nevada and the woman running the meeting started talking about how she was headed down to the project site later this week to meet with “national environmental groups that won’t get out of her hair.” The Sierra Club was one of those groups, and she basically said she was going to shmooze with them so they would hopefully stop delaying the project.

A little later I was sitting at my desk (we all sit in open cubicles on the 15th floor of this office building) and there was a lot of loud shouting and banging going on somewhere outside the office. Everybody was curious so a bunch of people went to look out the window and there was a protest parade going by on the street. They were pretty loud, so I was impressed. But this lady next to me scoffed in amusement and they all started chatting about “which one of our policies they’re pissed about.”

Twice in one day! I held my tongue pretty well. I’ve had quite a few comments thrown my way when I say that I’m the director of an environmental group at school, about how I’m “one of the enemies.” hehehe I’m glad we’re pissing somebody off!