Landfills Moratorium

Residents of the South Side and the Southeast Side of Chicago, notably in the Pullman, Altgeld Gardens and Hegewisch neighborhoods, have been fighting to remove and prevent the expansion of landfills since 1985.  Their fight reached a victorious pinnacle in 2005, when a 20-year long moratorium was passed by the City Council on the construction or expansion of landfills within the city limits.

The gorge already occupied by the Lake and Lands landfill

Now, however, these neighborhoods are under threat yet again, as the Land and Lakes landfill at 138th and Cottage Grove is trying to expand.  Because of the moratorium, however, Land and Lakes cannot legally expand their landfill, so they’re suing the city to let them become a part of Dolton township instead of the City of Chicago.  Alderman Beale of the 9th ward, however, has proposed that the City should lift the moratorium in order to stop the landfill from joining Dolton township.  UCAN, along with a number of community groups (Southeast Environmental Task Force, Environmental Justice Alliance, Southeast Side Beyond Coal Field Time and many more), is fighting to both keep the moratorium in place and prevent the expansion of the landfill.  UCAN and its colleagues are fighting for clean air, water and green space on the south side of Chicago, trying to keep trash out of homes, parks and schools.